Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ditko Shrugged!

Another contribution by Steve Manale -- this one of a Steve Ditko Iron Man page. I have no idea where this was published -- Steve?

Iron Jams!

When titans clash! I love it when artists collaborate -- especially on a cool drawing of everyone's favourite armoured avenger! This one's by Steve Manale and J. Bone.

The man behind the mask

Steve Manale, Iron Man fan #1, comic artist extrao-ordinaire and lifetime Don Heck fan sent in these great pics!

Sometimes the man behind the Iron Man mask is a 30 year old italian guy...and sometimes the mask is actually made of paper and elastic bands, not transitor powered steel...

Wow! An awesome 2 tone Tin Can Iron Man!

Thanks Steve!

Flying Finhead!

I also love that Steve Ditko design with the pointy-fin mask.

Hulk Vs. Tony!

Sometimes I doodle figures, sometimes I doodle whole panels...

Tony Stark -- Spam in a Can!

I just really love that original tin-can Iron Man suit.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Tony Stark: the invincible Michelin Man!

A bit of a blimpie Iron Man in his original big fat suit. I forgot to draw in the transitor antenna.

Tony Stark IS the Invincible Iron Man!

Ok, ok, I'm gonna admit it. I doodle Iron Man a lot. A LOT. In fact, if I may be so geeky, I would consider Tony Stark my "Go-To Guy" when it comes to doodling. What is a "Go-To Guy", you ask? It's whatever you happen to doodle when you doodle without thinking, like when you're on the phone or listening to music. Many, many times I find myself doodling variations on Iron Man. I really don't know why. Perhaps you're like me, and also have this strange affliction. If so, this site is for you! In the interest of world peace, I've started this blog so that artists who also doodle pictures of Tony Stark, The Invicible Iron Man can share those pictures with the world.

Join in the fun! Anyone who wants to post their Iron Man drawings is welcome to do so! Just drop me an email here or post a comment and I'll set it up so you can post too.