Friday, May 02, 2008

Ultra-Massive Update pt 1

I've been a bit lax lately in maintaining this blog. Ok, ok, I've been really lax in maintaining it. Mostly its due to my work commitments as an illustrator and cartoonist and how much it takes out of my time. It's certainly not for lack of Iron Man drawing submissions! Over the last 6 months, I've received an amazing amount of wonderful Iron Man artwork, and I'm very sorry to all the artists who've graciously sent in their drawings that I've been so late in posting them. I'm trying to rectify that, by doing some massive updates in honour of the new Iron Man movie that just opened this weekend.

So, without further ado...check out these awesome drawings:

This awesome 3D design and render is by Lee Anderson and is actually based on a previous drawing submitted to this blog by Jamie Egerton. Jamie created a great concept drawing for a new shell-head armour and Lee was inspired to actually model it in 3D send in this render. I dunno about you, but it looks amazingly real -- I can almost picture myself on a rooftop wearing that suit. Well, maybe if was a super-fanboy or something...which I'm not. Ok, I am.

Derek Toye is the great illustrator behind this piece. I've liked his art since I first saw it, and this piece is exeptional. He's chosen to go with the classic "fin-head" helmet, while incorporating a more modern redesign on the armour itself. Great concept, great lineart, and great colour!

John Skewes sent in this excellent drawing - he admits he was channeling some childhood memories of the big "tin can" armour that Tony Stark wore during his earliest comic appearances. I gotta admit my fondness for that suit as well -- there's just something about that big and clunky outfit that appeals to me. And, as you can see from many other submissions to this blog, it appeals to a lot of other artists as well.

This one's by Sean Hamilton and it features an appearance by War Machine. Now, I gotta admit I never read a single Iron Man comic with War Machine in it (I heard he appeared during the 90's -- a dark time in comic books for me), but Sean's drawing here is so charming that I might just check it out.

Matt Bennett sent in these two drawings -- and they're true Iron Man doodles. I personally love these kinds of submissions -- the kind the artist has drawn on the back of an envelope while talking on the phone. Or as a warmup for a day of boring drawing. I like the way Iron Man is wagging his finger in the second doodle -- like he's telling me "Cho, you chump! You should be updating this blog more often!"

See? I told you people love drawing the tin-can suit! This one's by the ultra-talented  Jason Chalker -- and its another great doodle. Believe it or not, he actually drew this on a post-it note while at work. No wonder its got a vacation theme to it. Strangely though, I also sense a weird Magnum P.I. vibe off of it. Maybe its the fact that Tony Stark bears a slight resemblence to Tom Selleck. I dunno, maybe its just me...

Another cartoonist whose work I respect is Dean Trippe, and he sent in this gorgeous and sleek drawing of an Iron Man redesign. He actually sent it in as a promo for a shell-head redesign contest being run at Project Rooftop, but sadly I was way way late and didn't post it until now. I hope you'll forgive me Dean -- cause I think your Iron Man design is tops!

Another cool piece of Iron Man fanart, this time by Michael Langdale. I dig the foreshortening and action in this one -- its a real two-fisted action drawing!

This one's a totally fun one -- it's by Dylan Ekren and features a really cool redesign of the armour, as well as a hilarious and charming pose. I wonder if Tony's all skinny-legged and pear-shaped from not working out enough -- maybe he needs to ditch the armour for a while and get back to the gym...

Well, that's it for this ultra-massive update.  Again, my apologies to all the excellent artists who submitted drawings and were waiting patiently for me to update this blog.  


Blogger STOVEPIPE.NET said...

Hooray!! Thanks Michael, I hope it wasn't my teasing that prompted the update. And Chalker, omg that one really cracks me up! It was almost a spit out the latte moment!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Michael Cho said...

Yes, it totally was. Now I hope you're wallowing in your guilt. :)

Nah, actually not. But your comment was the last straw though... so stay guilty.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Dean Trippe said...

No problem, man! Our winners just went up, so the hits are still much appreciated. Hope you dug the entries! The winner really rocked my socks off. :)

Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade Winners!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Chris Battle said...

Man! I need a cigarette after all that excitement. Great selection of new stuff.... Welcome back!

btw: Saw the movie here in L.A. @ The Arclight (the famous Cinerama Dome), and they have the full-sized prop armor on display in the lobby! Nerd-tastic.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Toyebot said...

Thx for the props! Havent seen the movie yet. Wow, awesome art everyone!
Hope u can get some help to keep it going! cheers

11:24 AM  
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10:21 AM  
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