Monday, March 19, 2007

Fins make the (iron) man!

Of the many fine submissions I get for this blog, I'm constantly delighted at how many of them are of the old "finhead" iron man design created by Steve Ditko. I mean, that design was used for only a couple years at most in the comics, yet it remains a real favourite among Iron Man fans. Really, it should be no surprise, since its so damn cool, but I'm always glad when someone sends in another finhead drawing.

Fellow canadian artist Patrick Ypperciel sent in this one, and its a very nice and loose sketch of that classic design. I like the tough expression on Iron Man's face here, and the explosion in the background that seems to imply "watch it, kid -- I'm kicking major ass here!". Thanks for the fun submission, Patrick!


Blogger rls said...

I'm pretty partial to the finhead IM too. I still have a wastebasket with the finhead IM on it.
Nice drawing.

6:07 PM  

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