Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Invincible Iron Lad!

Here's a great drawing submitted by the talented Chi-Yun Lau. If you're a fan of Iron Man comics from the 80's, you might get the reference right away, but for those of you scratching your heads, I'll let Chi-Yun explain it himself. As he wrote in his email:

" Do you remember an issue of Iron Man (around the time Tony kicked the sauce habit) with a short backup story about a bunch of kids who dressed up as the Avengers? Well, I always loved the Iron Man kid's helmet, which was a tin pot with holes cut in it for eyes. I thought it was awesome and seriously considered ruining one of my mom's pots for the same reason."

Now, I only vaguely remember that story, but that doesn't stop me from really digging the charm of this drawing. Chi-Yun has great lines and expression in his figure and the way he's drawn this shows a lot of confidence. Plus, that costume design is dynamite! I wish I had an homemade Iron Man costume like that when I was a kid.


Anonymous Conundrum said...

I remember this issue, and I do believe I still have it. I believe it was back when they did Assistant Editor's Month and usually the titles that participated had some kind of off-the-wall story.

In this one, the kids dressed up as avengers, and they forced the Iron Man kid to leave the group, because in the latest issue of the comic book Iron Man had quit the team.

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