Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tin Can Wallpaper!

Ok, how many times have you thought to yourself: "Damn, I could really go for some Iron Man Desktop Wallpaper for my computer! Especially with that Tin Can Iron Man I love so much!". I'll bet Dick Cheney is reading this right now and nodding his head. Well, maybe not. Maybe its just you and me. Either way, you'll be extra pleased to know that certified photoshop expert Jeremy Mace has been there and done that! And he's even decided to share it with the world!

I really like how Jeremy's managed to build the backgrounds to this piece out of old Iron Man pages and covers, especially from the silver-age! I don't know what kind of filters he used, I just know he used them on Iron Man -- and that's cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kewl...downloaded and installd!

1:11 AM  
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