Monday, April 24, 2006

Man of Iron

All freelance artists should fear the name of Francesco Francavilla. Apart from being the talented artist behind these sublime Iron Man drawings, he's also the most prolific illustrator I've ever seen. Francesco's main job right now is providing the art for his awesome creator owned the Black Coat comic book (check it out -- it's real cool!), but you'll soon be seeing his work everywhere. Why? Well, his work speaks for itself. This is a guy who has that most dreaded of combinations: talent, speed and dedication. In other words, he's got great chops, he's faster than you, and he's gotten even better while you were reading this. In fact, if he wasn't such a nice and humble guy, I'd want to hate him...well, until I saw these Iron Man drawings anyway.

I love how fluid and spontaneous these drawings look -- in an era of slick tracing, this is an artist who can still flat out draw in ink. Francesco can really move that brush and he has a unique and original style that still evokes memories of past comic masters. And need I mention he drew the tin-can suit? The guy is awesome!


Blogger Dean Trippe said...

2:33 AM  
Anonymous possum4all said...

You're dead-on. He's got chops. And I say, more power to anyone who can draw like that! I hope he reaps all the successes of hard work and passion.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Michael Valiquette said...

Loved these on the drawing board, love them here.

4:08 PM  
Blogger CosmicPencil said...

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Blogger CosmicPencil said...

I removed my post when I saw that my link didn't work, and it still won't because I can't post urls so I just posted at the end.
So let's see if I can re-iterate:
I do fear Francesco's name as a freelancer, but I cower at the name of Michael Cho.

BTW...found you another iron man image:


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