Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shower-time Fun!

Paul Maes sent in another great Iron Man pic, this one painted by Kevin Scalzo and from the collection of art collector Pete Graham.

This is a great painting with lots of charm, but even more so, it features the original tin-can Iron Man suit! And I'm getting a strong after-shower vibe from this, like Iron Man's just gotten out of his Hi-tech Iron-shower and is twisting up his iron-towel into the most invincible rat tail ever! Super wicked!


Blogger Paul Maes said...

Pete commissioned Kevin Scalzo to paint a bunch of superheroes as gifts for his pals. In addition to Iron Man, Scalzo busted out the Hulk, Dr. Strange & the Moleman. They're crazy fantastic. If you dig it super deformed, check out Scalzo's Wonder Woman!

9:28 PM  
Blogger m cho said...

...and you KNOW I dig it super deformed...


10:53 PM  

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