Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Digitally Painted Shellhead

Carlos Villagra sent in this digitally painted piece -- and its pretty sweet. Being fairly unfamiliar with the recent versions of Iron Man, I'm not sure if this is a wholly new armour created by Carlos or an interpretation of a current shell-head suit, but whatever it is, its really well drawn and coloured! I especially like the textures on the body and the hint of a circuit-board or schematic in the background.

Great work, Carlos! Thanks for submitting it!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ball-Point Powered!

Oh man oh man -- this one is a beauty! When I saw this awesome drawing by Dan Boyd in my mailbox, I was totally floored. Not only because its a great drawing, but also because Dan busted it out with a ball-point pen! Apparently, Dan recently purchased a statuette of shell-head in his original tin-can suit, and felt inspired to draw this great pic. And I'm thankful he did -- its just the kind of Iron Man drawing I love: charming, full of energy and enthusiasm and loaded with old-school style!

Thanks, Dan!