Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chris Frye's Iron Man!

Of course, my little Iron Man blog isn't the only site devoted to Shell Head on the net -- Iron Man and the internet kinda go together like repulsors and transistors! Hence, Chris Frye found my blog via another excellent Iron Man resource, Advanced Iron; a repository of all kinds of information on our steel clad hero. After surfing through this blog, Chris was kind enough to submit these excellent pencil renditions of Iron Man in two modern versions of his armour. I especially like the tricked-out War Machine version -- it seems that version of Shell Head is almost as popular a subject for artists as the Ditko-finned version or the Tin-can Iron Man!

Great work, Chris -- thanks for the submission!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Fired Up!

Previous contributor and all around artistic talent Kyu Shim sent in another excellent submission -- this time of a beautifully rendered chiaroscuro Iron Man! I've dug Kyu's work since back in the day, when we were buddies in art school. His painting background is quite evident in this drawing, with its excellent light-sourcing and modelling of forms.

Take a bow, Kyu -- this one's a beauty!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Iron Brats!

Oooh...long delay between new posts lately, so I've got a real treat for you! Jason Quinones has provided a DOUBLE treat, with two great Iron Man drawings. Actually, as he describes it, they're more like Iron Boy drawings, but I can't complain -- they're just too damn charming! I especially like the grey "Warmachine" design -- he makes that character just so huggable!

Thanks, Jason!