Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smooth as Iron

Check this one out -- what a smooth and fantastic fully-rendered Iron Man pic! We have Chris Stewart to thank for this excellent submission. Chris states in his email that Gene Colan and Don Heck are his favourite Shellhead artists, so I can guess that he digs the old-school Marvel bullpen guys as much as I do. Thanks, Chris!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ryan Cody's Shellhead

Another great kirby-influenced submission, this time from the young and talented Mr. Ryan Cody. In case you're not aware, Ryan also draws the excellent Villains comic book for Viper Comics. He's a pretty original kind of guy, and this is a pretty original Iron Man redesign. I like how he's flipped the colours around on the chest plate and made it yellow -- such an interesting idea! But I have to wonder how shell-head communicates with other people if he doesn't have a mouth opening. Maybe he has speakers in his hands? I dunno -- I leave it to Ryan to explain!