Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Attack of the Loo-Bot

Check out this mixed-media version of ol' Shell Head!

This submission was created by Jason Loo. This cryptic artist is as unique as he is diverse. His website www.jasonloo.com contains a large gallery of his work. It includes a section called the "hu-bots gallery", which is a great collection of weird robots and other creations. Jason's blog contains life drawings and other work. I personally like his comic book work - it has a very cinematic feel to it.

This Iron Man painting has great composition and I am totally into the different textures. Great job Jason!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Full Metal Jacket

The gloves come off for this post! Take a look at this mind-blowing illustration of our favorite gold-armored avenger taking out the Viet-Cong. Beautifully rendered by Benjamin Marra, I think this piece captures a side of Iron Man that we rarely see. I love the old Captain American vs. the Nazis or Viet-Cong(usually Jack Kirby stuff), but we never see Iron Man in these situations. Taking into account his origin, I think this image is brilliant.

Please go and take a look at Marra's website and get lost in his totally unique and mind-altering style. Benjamin is a professional illustrator who currently lives in Philadelphia and has all kinds of illustration degrees and credits. His clients include the New York Times among others.

This image of Iron Man is hard-core and not for the faint of heart - neither is any of Benjamin's other art. I am in love with his Black Panther pinup - you can find it and more on his site.