Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Acrylic Iron Man!

This is a dynamic submission by artist Bradley Fish. As he explains his process for creating this in his email:

"Here is a pic of Iron Man that I drew based on a Superman pose on the cover of Wizard magazine

This is one of the first pieces of art that I did using acrylics and it was even harder than usual because it was the first art I did on an A3 piece of paper.

I did a rough sketch on an A4 piece of paper first, refined it then started on the A3 piece using pencils, then I inked it when I was finished with the pencils. I painted with the acrylics and filled in the large shadows of black with black acrylic. When I was done the acrylic paint had made some of the inks fade so I redid them to make them stand out more

It has featured in issue 67 of the Iron Man "Advanced Iron" fanzine at

Bradley Fish

Thanks, Bradley -- the final result looks great!


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