Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tin Can Wallpaper!

Ok, how many times have you thought to yourself: "Damn, I could really go for some Iron Man Desktop Wallpaper for my computer! Especially with that Tin Can Iron Man I love so much!". I'll bet Dick Cheney is reading this right now and nodding his head. Well, maybe not. Maybe its just you and me. Either way, you'll be extra pleased to know that certified photoshop expert Jeremy Mace has been there and done that! And he's even decided to share it with the world!

I really like how Jeremy's managed to build the backgrounds to this piece out of old Iron Man pages and covers, especially from the silver-age! I don't know what kind of filters he used, I just know he used them on Iron Man -- and that's cool.

Shower-time Fun!

Paul Maes sent in another great Iron Man pic, this one painted by Kevin Scalzo and from the collection of art collector Pete Graham.

This is a great painting with lots of charm, but even more so, it features the original tin-can Iron Man suit! And I'm getting a strong after-shower vibe from this, like Iron Man's just gotten out of his Hi-tech Iron-shower and is twisting up his iron-towel into the most invincible rat tail ever! Super wicked!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iron Man Vs. The Driveway!

Wow, its really a great week for submissions! Here's yet another fabulous one, sent in by fellow Toronto cartoonist and illustrator Chip Zdarsky. He painted this exquisite image of Iron Man shovelling his driveway. I gotta say, this is one incredible painting! The photorealistic technique and the treatment of the background is so good, at first glance I thought it was just a photo of someone in an Iron Man suit standing in front of a house!! And that house TOTALLY screams "downtown Toronto".

Seriously, a big thank you to Chip for emailing the awesome painting. Check out his work in his great comic PRISON FUNNIES, and his blog with his studio at

Its Hard Being a Hero...

Another incredible submission, this time sent in by the talented Paul Maes. I really dig the pathos and melancholy in this one. As I told Paul, it evokes memories of Van Gogh's "the Night Cafe"...only with Iron Man and the Hulk! I love the way Iron Man is holding his drink and the way Paul has drawn the classic block-head hulk! And is that a filtered cigarette that he's smoking?

For more of his work, you gotta check out Paul's AWESOMELY FUNNY drawings on his blog at Honestly, I cackled in laughter all the way through it...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Toné Toney Tony!

I drew this one up today while warming up with my markers. I've always enjoyed working in 2 colours -- it forces your thinking to be bolder and more rigorous...even with your Iron Man doodles!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Iron Man Design Sheet

Here's an absolutely FANTASTIC submission, from 3D modeller and artist Jamie Egerton. I don't think I need to say much about this, you can see for yourself how much his Iron Man KICKS!! I love the samurai-armour vibe he's infused his design with and all the meticulous, perfect details he's worked out. I could stare at this for hours.

Honestly, folks, if there's a rich billionaire-playboy out there right now who wants to design a real Iron Man suit, jamie is your GO-TO-GUY! He's got it all figured out.

Thanks again, Jamie!

The Bi-Polar Iron Doodle!

Steve Manale, co-host of this blog and backup point-guard for the Boston Celtics sent in another great submission. This one's a REAL go-to-guy doodle -- Steve apparently was on the phone when he drew this one on the back of an envelope. I dunno about the "uno-dos-tres", but the "bi-polar" must be refering to Tony Stark's repulsor circuitry or something...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tony Stark -- the Invincible Iron Mack!

Here's an awesome one, drawn by talented writer/illustrator Brian Mclachlan and focusing on the man inside the mask. There's so much to love about this drawing -- from Tony's monogramed bling to his slicked-back hairdo to the red and yellow theme of his bedroom! I could go on and on...but you can see for yourself how much it rules!

For more of Brian's madness, be sure to check out his hilarious online strip the Princess Planet.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Pencil doodles

Some new pencil doodles:

That hand is PHAT like Neal Adams!

Our hero's the guy in the middle...dunno who the other 2 losers are but they look like they just smelled something funky!

Steppin Out!

A few more Tonys inked with a Pitt pen. These aren't new, but rather from my files (I may be a nerd and a freelancer, but there's no way I have THAT much free time):

Ok, that one was a bit boring. He kinda looks like he's gonna start tap-dancing...

Only the very best superheroes are confident enough to rock the mustache look!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Iron Man Vs. Titanium Man

Here's the rest of that great home-made Iron-Man comic drawn by uber-fan Steve Manale. Hard to believe he whipped this thing off over an afternoon. Great, great stuff and worthy of a twin-repulsor salute! Take a bow, Steve, you've earned it!